This therapeutic method belongs to the so-called external therapies and is combined with Chinese tuina massage and the traditional health practice of Qi Gong.

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Cupping (Latin ventosatio) as local blood suction is a traditional therapy method in which negative pressure is applied to a limited area of skin. It is known from ancient times all over the ancient world.

It uses the same energy pathways (meridians) and points as acupuncture, but the stimulation of acupuncture points is performed differently - by vacuum, friction.
In traditional Chinese medicine, the effect of flasks or cupping is used not only for musculoskeletal pain, but also to alleviate internal problems or preventively strengthen immunity.
The effect of cupping is increased by applying flasks to the acupuncture points. Cupping and cupping massage have a physical and reflexive effect. At the same time, the metabolism of the organism, immune system and lymph flow is also significantly affected, as a faster metabolism takes place in the vicinity of the enclosed cups.

Cupping can also be used to treat a number of other Western diseases.