Treatments Price List

Parkhotel Golf as a non-governmental health facility offers comprehensive range of medical, rehabilitation and relaxation treatments. All under the supervision of a specialist and medical staff.

Treatments - with a Doctor's Recommendation

Peat packings, Mud wraps405 Kč
Magnet therapy200 Kč
Elektro therapy200 Kč
Ultrasound therapy270 Kč
Gas injections (CO2  injections)130 kč
Reflex massage 30 min.650 Kč
Individual physiotherapy450 Kč
Infusion therapy with vitamin C980 Kč
Rehabilitation exercises in pool200 Kč
Pneumopunkture 20 min.490 Kč
Inhalation160 Kč
Manual lymphatic massage 30 min.650 Kč
Manual lymphatic massage 60 min.1 250 Kč
Lympha-press 50 min.950 Kč
Ear acupuncture 30 min.490 Kč

Over-the-counter Treatments

Classic massage partial 20 min.
(back and neck)
350 Kč
Classic massage partial 30 min.
(special - back and neck)
490 Kč
Full body classic massage 50 min.1 100 Kč
Hot stone massage 30 min.650 Kč
Hot stone masssage 50 min.1 200 Kč
Aromatic massage partial 30 min.650 Kč
Aromatic massage full body 60 min.1 250 Kč
Foot reflexology massage 30 min.490 Kč
Foot reflexology massage 50 min.1 100 Kč
Indian head massage 30 min.490 Kč
Honey massage 30 min.600 Kč
Honey massage 50 min.1 100 Kč
Gua sha facial treatment 30 min.490 Kč
Massage cupping 30 min.490 Kč
Massage cupping 50 min.1 100 Kč
Body peeling390 Kč
CO2 bath490 Kč
Pearl bath with additives (various types)490 Kč
Dry gas bath (envelop)350 Kč
Lavatherm (thermal packings)200 Kč
Paraffin hand packing/ wrap250 Kč
Aqua Fitness 25 min.75 Kč
Aqua Fitness 50 min.150 Kč
Health walking with a guide 60 min.75 Kč
Morning stretching 30 min.75 Kč
Oxygen multistep therapy 60 min.430 Kč
Kinesio taping - large joint405 Kč
Kinesio taping - middle joint350 Kč
Kinesio taping - small240 Kč
Solarium100 Kč
Sauna or steam room - 1 hour200 Kč
Sauna and steam room - 2 hours600 Kč

Massage baths

Intensive relaxation490 Kč
Anti-cellulite massage490 Kč
Intensive lymphatic massage490 Kč
Regeneration after exercise490 Kč
Mix-whirlpool with pearlwater490 Kč

Diagnosis and therapeutic procedures on the principle
of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

Diagnosis of current health status and constitution by an inquiry method,
pulse diagnosis and tongue image  - 50 min.
1 700 Kč
Tuina massage of full body - 90 min.1 700 Kč
Tuina massage - 50 min.1 000 Kč
Tuina massage - 30 min.490 Kč
Moxibustion - 30 min.490 Kč
Cupping - 30 min.490 Kč
Gua sha - 20 min.350 Kč
Controlled exercise - individual (Qi Gong, Wu Dao Yin) - 50 min.900 Kč
Exercise in a group (4-6 persons) for relaxation, stretching and harmonisation200 Kč

Individual medical services and treatments

Medical entrance examination950 Kč
Medical check-up examination490 Kč
Medical consultution220 Kč
Medical emergency950 Kč
ECG360 Kč
Subcutaneous injection300 Kč
Intravenous injection200 Kč
Intramuscular injection140 Kč
Blood taking200 Kč
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