Oxygen Multistep Therapy

The Oxygen Multistep Therapy is a method in which the client alternately inhales humidified oxygen for one hour during a physically determined load (10 minutes of exercise bike and 20 minutes at rest).

  • Oxygen - oddychová místnost

The most important feature of Oxygen Multistep Therapy (O2MT) acc. to Prof. Manfred von Ardenne is the timely-structured supply of oxygen via the respiratory system. This is coupled with medicinal drugs and physical means to improve the absorption of oxygen in the body tissue.
The aim of O2MT is to increase blood circulation which boosts the energy status of the whole organism.

Application of oxygen therapy

  • chronic respiratory insufficiency
  • fatigue
  • aging of the organism
  • to improve arterial circulatory disorders (cerebral, peripheral, cardiac, retinal) especially in high blood pressure
  • to improve oxygen intake in various lung and brochitic diseases (eg bronchial asthma), chronic shortness of breath
  • Migraine, cluster headache
  • General weakness of the immune system
  • Oncological aftercare (reduction of chemotherapy side effects)

In the prophylaxis:

  • Boost of physiological power reserves
  • Conditioning after continuous professional stress
  • Increase of circulation stability
  • Cancer and cancer recurrence prophylaxis