Massage Bath

For water treatments lovers, we offer the specific massage bathtub, which provides several opportunities for deep relaxation.

  • Masážní vana
  • C:\fakepath\Masážní vana 4

Massage programs:

  • intense relaxation
  • anti-cellulite massage
  • intensive lymphatic massage
  • regeneration after exercise
  • mix - whirlpool with pearl bath

Indications of a massage bath

  • musculoskeletal disorders, joint and muscle pain
  • fatigue, insomnia
  • postoperative, post-traumatic conditions
  • neurological diseases
  • cellulitis, disorders of the lymphatic system

Contraindications to the massage bath

  • acute inflammation
  • skin injuries, skin tumors, subcutaneous tissue tumors
  • eczema
  • bleeding conditions
  • menstruation
  • varicose veins