Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage has a long history. It has been known for more than two thousand years. It was known to Chinese doctors, as well as Hawaiian and Indian shamans.

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Lava stones are used for the massage, which are heated in a water bath to 50°C.
Massage improves blood circulation, strengthens lymph flow, improves metabolism and helps relieve muscle tension and pain. Hot Stone massage supports deep mental relaxation and breaks down energy blockages, may boost immunity.

Duration of the treatment:  30 or 50 minutes.

Hot stone massage indications:

  • back pain, muscle or joint pain
  • relaxation during long-term stress
  • alleviation of cramps and problems caused by stress - insomnia, headaches, digestive problems
  • strengthening the immune system

Hot stone massage contraindications:

  • febrile illnesses, infectious diseases
  • skin diseases - burns on your skin, open wounds
  • thrombosis, phlebitis extensive varicose veins
  • pregnancy
  • uncompensated heart disease, uncompensated hypertension
  • cancer illnesses