Gas Injections

CO2 gas is applied during this treatment (99,7%) to the subcutaneous tissue in the area of the joints and spine.

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With gas injections a needle sends CO2 gas subcutaneously to specific areas. We apply maximum of 200 ml of gas divided into doses from 10 to 50 ml.
This is a trouble-free and immediately calming treatment that also redresses circulatory disorders of degenerative joint and spine issues.

The main effect is to reduce pain, improve blood flow to the area and speed up healing.

Indication of gas injections

  • ischemic heart disease
  • ischemic disease of the lower limbs
  • postphlebitic syndrome and varicose ulcer
  • vasoneurosis
  • osteoarthritis of the large joints, degenerative painful issues of the spine
  • migraine

Contraindications to gas injections

  • inflammation of the skin, subcutaneous tissue and veins at the intended injection site
  • hyperthyroidism
  • Varicose syndrome, bleeding conditions and the patient's fear