Dry Gas Bath (Gas Envelope)

It is an application of the natural gas that arises in Mariánské Lázně - CO2 gas, that contains 99,7% concentration and is served in the form of dry gas baths (gas envelopes).

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Gas is absorbed through the skin (even through clothing), causes the expansion of small superficial and subsequently deep veins and directly affects receptors in the skin. It improves blood circulation, has an anti-inflammatory effect, accelerates wound healing and has a positive effect on kidney function. This gas stimulates the production of the sex hormones testosterone and estradiol, therefore, it is successfully used to improve sexual function by men and alleviate menopausal symptoms by women.

The body of the customer is placed in a large plastic bag and sealed under the arm, into the bag the gas is applied from the bomb.

Procedure takes 30 minutes.

Indications of the dry gas bath

  • arterial and venous disorders regardless of etiology
  • all types of hypertension
  • skin diseases (wet gangrenes)