Our Medical Team

under the leadership of Dr. Zuzana Garbier

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All workers  of the hotel's medical department are well  professional educated  with a large experience each of them. They are led by the hotel's chief physician, Mrs.,Dr. Zuzana Garbier, who is  specialized  in internal medicine, physical and rehabilitation medicine and  has 20 years of practice in the field. She is  the guarantor of our medical services  as well.

Dr. Garbier  completed  manual medicine courses, reflexology, acupuncture, numerous rehabilitation techniques courses, Ayurvedic massages  courses and Dorn's method.  She is also a graduate and advisor of  dietetics courses - Nutris and Metabolic balance concepts.

Our  team members

Head nurse Jindra Šubrtová
She has 25 years of experience in spa departments,  secondary Medical school with graduation, post-secondary specialization studies in internal medicine.

Bc. Hana Chvojová
She  has 25 years of experience in spa departments, secondary Medical school with graduation, school of Traditional Chinese Medicine - study of five skills, Chinese massage Tuina, other courses like  manual lymphatic drainage, nutrition consultant course, cupping, Gua-Sha method, medical masseur course.

Monika Malinovská
She has 17 years of experience in spa,  she is the sports and reconditioning masseuse, has other courses like reflex foot massages, Hot Stone massages, Indian head massage, kinesio taping, trigger point massage course, Dorn method course and Breuss massage, cupping, honey massage.

Petr Lácha
He  has  22 years of experience in spa,  he is the reconditioning and sports masseur with high school education with graduation, other courses like manual lymphatic drainage, Indian head massage, cupping, honey massage, reflexology,  foot massage,  orderly  for medical spas and medical rehabilitation .

Štěpánka Kaprová
She has  12 years of experience in spa, she is the  sports and reconditioning masseuse, has  Hot Stone massage course, reflex foot  massage course and  chocolate massage course.