Restaurant Menu

The French restaurant of the Parkhotel Golf is open not only for hotel guests, daily from lunch to dinner (from approximately 11:30 am), all year round. We recommend to do reservation for a dinner in advance.



Caprese salad with tomatoes, mozzarella and basil pesto150 Kč
Tatar made from Salmon, with Crème fraîche, toast230 Kč
Beef carpaccio with marinated aubergines, zucchini and peppers, capers, parmesan and basil pesto230 Kč


Beef broth with homemade noodles and vegetables Julienne80 Kč
Potato soup with vegetables and mushrooms from the Slavkov Forest80 Kč
Soup of the day75 Kč


Baked trout, with herb butter and boiled potatoes295 Kč
Norwegian salmon tournedos stuffed with spinach, vegetable bulgur and basil sauce355 Kč
Grilled perch fillets, with celery dip and warm lentil salad330 Kč

Traditional Czech Cuisine

Roasted duck with braised red cabbage with apple, potato dumpling330 Kč
Veal cheeks braised in red wine and potato puree330 Kč
Boiled beef with creamy vegetable sauce, bread dumplings and cranberries250 Kč
Roasted lamb knee on rosemary, stewed cabbage with bacon and mushed potatoes380 Kč

Meat dishes and Steaks

Turkey steak with mustard sauce, buttered carrots and mashed potatoes290 Kč
Pork fillet with herbs and zucchini on grill, cranberry wine sauce and potato hash browns350 Kč
Pork loin medallions in a bacon belt, with porcini mushroom sauce, broccoli and tagliatelle360 Kč
Beef steak from South American beef tenderloin, with pepper sauce and baked potatoes with herb gervais580 Kč
Roasted back of fallow deer on thyme, red onion stewed on red wine, and potato puree with pearl barley410 Kč

Vegetarian Foods

Frittata with broccoli, cherry tomatoes and potatoes170 Kč
Spinach dumplings with tomato sauce180 Kč
Grilled vegetables with goat cheese230 Kč
Italian porcini mushroom risotto with parmesan230 Kč
Breaded fried Camembert with cranberries and boiled potatoes170 Kč


Small mixed vegetable salad with yogurt dressing90 Kč
Mixed leaf salad with grilled goat cheese and walnuts235 Kč
Green salad with roasted shrimps with herbs and garlic245 Kč
Caesar salad with fried chicken breast, with croutons and parmesan235 Kč

Desserts from Hotel Confectionery - offered all day

Homemade apple strudel, with ice cream and whipped cream85 Kč
Nut roll "Baiser" filled with whipped cream - original recipe65 Kč
Pancakes with fresh fruits, vanilla ice cream and whipped cream130 Kč
Fruit dumplings filled with strawberries, with quark cream and sour cream130 Kč
Potato dough bags filled with plum jam, with poppy seeds, sugar and
melted butter, garnished with whipped cream
130 Kč


Mixed Ice Sundae with whipped cream95 Kč
Fresh pineapple with coconut liqueur and lemon sorbet115 Kč
Chocolate ice cream with hot sour cherries95 Kč
Strawberry cocktail with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream95 Kč
Fresh fruits salad90 Kč

Special Offer

(for 4 people - served at the center piece in the middle of the table, must be ordered 24 hours in advance)

Baked Goose with Old Bohemian Filling, (3200 g)
Braised White Cabbage, Red Cabbage with Cranberries, Variety of Bohemian Dumplings, Potato Pancakes

1 690 Kč
Chateaubriand from Brazilian Tenderloin, (800 g)
Glazed Vegetables Sauté, Baked Potatoes with Bacon and Onion, Creamy Sauce with Pickled Pepper, potato hash browns
2 200 Kč
Game Platter, Pheasant Larded with Bacon, Venison on Thyme,
Deer Medallions on Rosemary, (1200 g)
Rose Hip Sauce with Cranberries, Wild Rice with Carrots and Broccoli, Carlsbad Bacon Dumpling and Stewed Red Cabbage
1 990 Kč

3 Courses Menu

Price for a Menu of Three Courses390 Kč
Appetizer or soup according to the daily menu75 Kč

Main dishes:

  1. Trout fillet with capers shallot sauce, grilled vegetables and potato hash browns
  2. Tagliatelle with salmon, basil sauce and parmesan
  3. Chicken breast grilled with herbs of Provence, glazed vegetable sauté from zucchini, carrots and green beans, polenta
  4. Turkey breast pieces with broccoli and cream sauce, tagliatelle
  5. Mixture of chicken pieces, mushrooms and leeks, with jasmine rice
  6. Pork tenderloin medallions with grilled oyster mushrooms and baked rosemary potatoes
  7. Boiled beef with horseradish sauce, broccoli and bread dumplings
  8. Boiled beef with stewed vegetables and potatoes
  9. Tagliatelle with tomatoes, bacon and garlic, with parmesan cheese
  10. Frittata with broccoli, cherry tomatoes, parmesan and potatoes
  11. Grilled oyster mushrooms with balsamic marinade and herbs, polenta
  12. Cold Platter – Sausage, Cold Meat and Cheese
240 Kč
Dessert according to the daily offer75 Kč
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