Cafe and Summer Terrace

The café is open daily from 11 am until evening. In summer you can sit on the terrace overlooking the hotel garden.

  • Aperitifs
  • Lunches and small snacks
  • Coffee and homemade desserts
  • Sundaes

Café Menu

For a little hunger - small snacks

Baguette with marinated salmon, salad and dill dip185 Kč
Ciabatta with shredded roasted pork, with onion and cucumber180 Kč
Frittata with broccoli, cherry tomatoes, parmesan and potatoes160 Kč
Spinach dumplings with tomato sauce180 Kč
Tagliatelle with tomatoes, bacon and garlic, parmesan170 Kč
Fried Camembert with cranberries and potatoes155 Kč
Small fried chicken fillet, boiled potatoes or french fries155 Kč
Boiled beef in cream sauce, bread dumplings and cranberries155 Kč


Small mixed vegetable salad with herbs yoghurt dressing80 Kč
Mixed leaf salad with grilled goat cheese and walnuts225 Kč
Green salad with roasted shrimps with herbs and garlic225 Kč
Caesar salad with roasted chicken breast, parmesan and croutons220 Kč

Desserts from the hotel patisserie

Apple strudel with ice cream and whipped cream95 Kč
Homemade walnut roll "Baiser" with whipped cream55 Kč
Crêpes with fresh fruits, vanilla ice cream and whipped cream120 Kč
Stuffed strawberry dumplings with whipped cream cheese and crème fraiche120 Kč
Potato dough bags filled with plum jam, with poppy sugar, and melted butter120 Kč


Mixed ice sundae with whipped cream95 Kč
Fresh pineapple with coconut liqueur and lemon sorbet105 Kč
Chocolate ice cream with hot cherries95 Kč
Strawberry cocktail with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream95 Kč
Fresh fruit salad90 Kč

Coffee and hot drinks

Espresso, Ristretto48 Kč
Cappuccino56 Kč
Latte macchiato62 Kč
Viennese style coffee60 Kč
Iced coffee with ice cream and whipped cream80 Kč
Creamy hot chocolate65 Kč
Tea – different types45 Kč
Mulled wine, spices and lemon85 Kč
Grog (4 cl rum)56 Kč


Aperol Spritz115 Kč
Cinzano60 Kč
Martini dry60 Kč
Campari70 Kč
Becherovka, KV 1460 Kč
Ramazzotti Amaro65 Kč

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