Classical Massage

It is a pleasant treatment which increases the blood circulation, improves the muscle activity and thus reduces pain.

  • Klasická masáž
  • Masážní místnost

A range of massage strokes are used to warm up the muscle tissue, release tension and gradually breaking up muscle "knots" or adhered tissue (called adhesions).

We combine classical massage with a peat wrap or as a preparation for individual therapeutic exercise.

Duration of classical massage:  20 to 50 minutes.

Indications of classical massages

  • chronic pain in the muscles of the back, neck, limbs
  • regeneration after sports
  • osteoarthritis pain, arthritis chronic rheumatic diseases
  • post - traumatic, postoperative stiffness
  • hemiplegia and paraplegia
  • functional nervous disorders
  • conditions after physical exhaustion and muscle fatigue

Contraindications of classical massages

  • conditions of extreme fatigue or exhaustion, conditions requiring rest in the bed
  • acute inflammatory and infectious diseases and their suspicion
  • skin affected by a disease of purulent or fungal inflammation
  • in places of fresh injury and violation of skin integrity
  • in places of varicose veins  and leg ulcers, inflammation of the veins
  • earlier than 2-3 hours after a meal
  • cancer
  • bleeding disorders and in advanced atherosclerosis and osteoporosis
  • diseases of the abdominal cavity, such as diarrhea, especially with bleeding into the stool, when the colon is filled with solid stools and when the bladder is not emptied
  • abdominal massage during pregnancy
  • two months after childbirth and during menstruation

We leave out the neck in front, the breasts by women and the nipples by men, the genital area, the inguinal landscape and the axillary.

In our hotel massages are provided after reaching 12 years!